Dr. Pappas’ Deposition

“I saw what was going on, and I just didn’t want to be a part of it.”

-Dr. Robert Pappas


It has been said of this video:

“Leading essential oil scientist Dr Robert Pappas PhD, one of our field’s foremost analytical chemists – and Dean of the widely-respected Essential Oil University – shares his disconcerting experience of working for a time at Young Living Essential Oils. Speaking under oath as a part of a public lawsuit between Young Living and doTerra, Dr Pappas answers questions posed by Young Living’s attorney. His court deposition was the real reason that Young Living dropped their lawsuit.”


Rob Pappas, PhD Chemist and essential oil expert testifies regarding his relationship with Gary Young and Young Living:


Question: Did have any kind of positive views of anything you saw at Young Living while you were there?

Dr. Pappas: Initially, I saw some farms and [other] things that I was excited about, and I was excited about the fact that it seemed that they wanted me there to help them do their quality control right…but then it turned into a very different scenario.


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